Model 7

Blickensderfer 7
Blickensderfer 7
Blickensderfer 7
Blickensderfer 7

Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company

George Canfield Blickensderfer

Original Price: $50-60


S/N: 72788

The Blickensderfer Model 7 was advertised in the Blickensderfer Trade Catalog (electronic copy on this site) as having improved features to the Model 5, including a pointer to show a letter writer exactly where his next typed letter would be placed on the page, without needing to use ruler guides. This feature explains where the ruler guides in word processing programs originated, and indicates the automation implemented in mechanical devices to make life easier. Imagine entering No. 325 Broadway in New York City, depicted to your left, to purchase such this tool to make your life easier when corresponding with family, friends, colleagues, and business partners.

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