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Model 14

Bar-Lock 14
Bar-Lock 14
Bar-Lock 14
Bar-Lock 14

The Type Writer Company

Charles Spiro

Original Price: Unknown


S/N 182587

The Royal Bar-Lock model 14 was sold by The Type Writer Company in England, owned by William James Richardson. According to ozTypewriter, this company had franchises for both the Bar-Lock and the American. It seems he had the right marketing tactic as he gifted both a Bar-Lock and an American (without the brand name printed on the machine) to royalty. This may have been what earned the Bar-Lock solde in England the name "Royal Bar-Lock". Around this time, it was very popular to advertise your brand of typewriter by having it entered into typing contests with a young typist who you believed would win the competition. It seems the Bar-Lock was no different, as you can see on the left an Australian typing contest was won by a typist using this machine (clipping from The Sydney Morning Hearld, January 23, 1909, page 22).

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