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Model A

Royal A - Brown
Royal A - Brown
Royal A - Brown
Royal A - Brown

Royal Typewriter Company

Edward B. Hess & Lewis C. Myers

Original Price: $49.50-60


S/N: A397560

If you review our wood-painted P model, and then review this brown A model, you can see the updates made between the two. Wing covers were added to the ribbon holder, according to Munk's Typewriter Database at serial number 188300, and a tabulator was introduced on the model A. According to Munk, the A model was considered the Proto-De Luxe. You can see the additional tabulator key on the right side of the keyboard, again comparing between this and our model P. If you review the middle picture, you will find the top of page 382 from the Spring 1935 Sears catalog featuring this Royal portable. The four portables that season were sold with two free instruction booklets. This Royal came in either PICA or ELITE font.

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