The Corona Typewriter Company was born out of the Standard Typewriter Company, and eventually merged with L. C. Smith & Brothers, forming the popular Smith-Corona Typewriter Company in 1926. If you follow the Corona story on Wikipedia, you will see that it had a long history of name changes, mergers, acquisitions and sales. The next one came in 1958, changing the name to Smith-Corona Marchant, Inc. The company changed name yet again to SCM Corporation in 1962. After two bankruptcies in the 1990s and in 2000, it was acquired by a private company, moved typewriter manufacturing to Cleveland, Ohio, and shut down all typewriter manufacturing around 2005. Smith Corona still exists today as a thermal label manufacturing company.

Corona 4 (Maroon and Gold)
Corona 4 (Black)
Corona 4 (Black and Gold)
Corona 3 Folding (Black and Gold)
Corona Sterling
Corona 3 Folding (Black)
Corona Sterling (Black Flat Top)
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