Machines made under this brand are likely to be known for three things: 1) the distinctive olive-green color, 2) the unique shape of the type bars on the desk models, and 2) the amount of rust these machines build up over the years. For whatever reason, they were made to last forever, but not if exposed to any kind of moisture! In 1901, the manufacturing company was featured in The Woodstock Sentinel as having grown the population of Woodstock, IL, by 48% from 1890 to 1900 (Dec 19, 1901). The machines were the brain-child of Rev. Thomas Oliver, a Methodist Episcopal minister in Epworth, IA. He required a typewriter for ease of writing, and created the machine because he liked to see the words immediately after writing them on the line without having to lift the platen, as is the practice with a blind-writer.

Oliver Portable Patria
Oliver 5
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