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Model 7

Adler 7
Adler 7
Adler 7
Adler 7

Adlerwerke vorm. Heinrich Kleyer

Wellington Parker Kidder

Original Price: Unknown


S/N: 6722

This model 7 is the first of the Adler series, sold under the Adlerwerke company in Germany. Before this, the typewriter was branded as Empire, the same brand given to the machine that was produced and sold in Canada. In the US, this same machine was called the Wellington, likely after the name of the inventor who was born and raised in the US. Note in the Adler logo on the front of the machine both an Eagle, which represents the Adler (Eagle) company, and a bicycle wheel. Interestingly enough, both the original manufacturing company for the Adler, Heinrich Kleyer, and the Adler company were bicycle manufacturers.

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