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Model 8

American 8
American 8
American 8
American 8

American Typewriter Company

Lee Spear Burridge & Newman Russell Marshman

Original Price: $35-50


S/N: 21943

In the newspaper ad from the Aberdeen Herald, posted 10 April 1902, you can see a popular trend in typewriter advertisements to attach the novelty of typewriters to current events. According to the Wikipedia article on the Panama Canal, it was in 1904 that the US began work on the construction of the canal, taking over the project from France. Clearly it was known that the project would be re-initiated at least since 1902. The American Typewriter Company took the opportunity to tie its “American” typewriter to this cause for American pride. The model pictured was manufactured during the construction of the Panama Canal, which eventually opened in 1914, a couple months after the initiation of World War I.

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