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Model 1B

Bing 1B
Bing 1B
Bing 1B
Bing 1B

Bing-Werke AG

Ludwig Reischl

Original Price: $9-15


S/N: Not Applicable

The first of the Bing typewriters printed with an inking pad. Because this model prints with a ribbon, most collectors refer to it as the model 1B or 1 1/2. Mark Adams points out that the main differences between the model 1 and 2 are the wire paper table, the decals, the way it is inked, and the shift-lock lever on the left side. It is hard to tell when this typewriter was manufactured. The logo suggests manufacturing started in 1920, but it wasn't advertised in the newspapers until 1925. The typewriter was advertised through 1933 in store ads in the newspaper, but since Bing Werks went bankrupt in 1932, that is the more likely end date of manufacturing.

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