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Hall Salem
Hall Salem
Hall Salem
Hall Salem

Hall Type-Writer Company

Thomas Hall

Original Price: $30-40; £8

c. 1887

S/N: 6398

This Hall typewriter comes from the second of the three manufacturing plants for the Hall typewriter, located in Salem, MA. It arrived in a leather case made by Crouch & Fitzgerald, burnt on the outside. You can see in the picture, that it seems ink was also dropped inside the case. You can read a little more about Crouch & Fitzgerald if you navigate to our blog, and click on the image titled, "The Case of the Leather Case", published on July 2, 2018. The ad on the left, copied from Scientific American, published February 27, 1886, shows that Hall must have competed against the standard, non-index Remington and Caligraph machines.

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