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Model 12

Hammond 12
Hammond 12
Hammond 12
Hammond 12

Hammond Typewriter Co.

James Bartlett Hammond

Original Price: $100-115

1904 - 1912

S/N: 76178

You will notice on the Hammond typewriter the circular basket across the back of the machine. This is where the paper is inserted and rolled. As the typist needs the paper, the paper rolls out of the basket until the page is complete. When complete, a new page is inserted into the basket and again rolled. Another interesting feature is that the paper is brought to the type shuttle, rather than the letters coming to the paper. This particular model is equipped with an "Ideal" keyboard, which is the name for that circular shape specific to the Hammond typewriter. As you can see, ergonomic keyboards were around since the late 1800s/ early 1900s!

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