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Model 2

Lambert 2
Lambert 2
Lambert 2
Lambert 2

Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd.

Frank (Francois) Lambert

Original Price: $15-25

1900 - 1904

S/N: 11654

The Lambert model 1 contains a mechanism by which one is able to slant the type so that the author may write in italics. Because this Lambert does not appear to have that mechanism, it is likely to be a model 2 typewriter. Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd., rather than the Lambert Typewriter Co., is listed as the manufacturer given the clues that this machine was manufactured for the European market: note the cedilla (ç) on the keyboard; this machine was purchased in Antiguidades de Oficina in Madrid, Spain. Furthermore, it is unlikely the machine was manufactured in the US and exported since Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. purchased the rights to manufacture for sale in Europe, which would be counter productive if Lambert Typewriter Co. exported the exact same machines abroad at the same time, 1900-1904.

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