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Model 3

Postal Model 3
Postal Model 3
Postal Model 3
Postal Model 3

The Postal Typewriter Company

William Prehn Quentell & Franklin Judge

Original Price: $17.50-35


S/N: 5892

As Greg Fudacz points out in his blurb on the Postal (, this typewriter seems to have the appearance of a Keystone, a typewheel like on the Blickensderfer, a ribbon mechanism like that of the Franklin, and index pins like a Hammond. The typewriter seems also to have the gear mechanism that moves the typewheel like the Blickensderfer. Although there is no dating on Munk's Typewriter Database available for this machine, it seems it was made in 1904 or later since the location listed on the front is Connecticut, not New York, and the company had moved to the CT plant in 1904. Since it seems there are no horns on the ribbon holders, and it was made in CT, it is later than a model 1 or 2; since there is no model number printed, it is earlier than a 7. Since there is no back raised bar, it seems this is either a model 3 or 4, and likely a 3 since there are no keys with accents, even though there is one with the British pound symbol. You will find to your left an ad from page 4 of The Wakita Herald, published June 17, 1904.

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