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Standard Model 10

Royal 10, 1925
Royal 10, 1925
Royal 10, 1925
Royal 10, 1925

Royal Typewriter Company, Rebuilt by Regal

Edward B. Hess

Original Price: $43.95


S/N: 890891 and X-892962

Although this has the distinctive look of a standard typewriter, in 1925 the typewriter business still had a flare for style. You can see in the side pictures the beautiful beveled glass added for a peek inside the innards of the machine. This Royal 10 is actually a rebuilt typewriter, advertised as having the same condition and features as the original, but rebuilt for quality after a short life with someone else. As you can see in the middle picture, the Regal Typewriter Company rebuilt this Royal as "Like-Nu" condition. According to Munk's Typewriter Database (, you can also tell it was rebuilt by the X in the serial number. It must have been popular to purchase rebuilt typewriters for their cost and quality. Sears started producing a line of rebuilt Remington typewriters in 1927, just two years after this particular typewriter was supposedly built (or rebuilt).

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