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Model P

Royal P - Wood
Royal P - Wood
Royal P - Wood
Royal P - Wood

Royal Typewriter Company

Edward B. Hess & Lewis C. Myers

Original Price: $60


S/N: P179598

This Royal caught our eye as it is coated in a wood-patterned metal veneer. Later, we discovered it is also a special-ordered machine with a Vogue font type! You can read a bit more about wood paneled objects and see a type-face sample of this machine in our blog at Note the middle picture to the left. Advertising merchandise next to stars has been popular at least as early as 1929, as you can see in this newspaper ad from the Chicago Tribune, published on June 16, 1929, page 71. Here you see the Royal next to the town star, an athlete listed as a man "most likely to succeed".

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