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Victor Index
Victor Index
Victor Index
Victor Index

Tilton Manufacturing Company

Charles E. Tilton

Original Price: $15; £4 4s

c. 1889-1893

S/N: 827

The Victor index is famously known to be the first typewriter to employ a daisy wheel. The wooden base is a replica, cut, detailed, and stained by our very own restorer here at the Typewriter Gazette. He also replaced the selector paper, which was meticulously fashioned to match the original. This typewriter is mentioned in the "Rethinking the Franklin" blog article on this site. You can see an advertisement of the machine from the Ladies Magazine, published April 1, 1892. Note: on June 2, 2024, upon research into the Tilton Manufacturing Company, it became apparent that A. I. Jacobs, formerly listed as the inventor of this machine, had only invented an improvement on the machine for a printing mechanism. The patent listed on the machine for August 13, 1889, was for US Patent 409,128, belonged to Charles E. Tilton, also assigned to the Tilton Manufacturing Company, spells out the machine beyond just a printing mechanism, and is listed as a patent for a "Type-Writing Machine", indicating that it is C. E. Tilton, and not A. I. Jacobs to whom the honor of named inventor of the machine belongs.

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