Started by engineer and designer, George C. Blickensderfer, the inventor patentented the typewriters sold under his own name. Mr. Blickensderfer patentented his first typewriter in 1891 and had several very prolific years 1903-1907. Like many other typewriter companies at the time, he devoted some of his factory to war efforts during World War I. The same year the United States joined the war, the inventor of the Blickensderfer typewriter passed away in 1917. The company persisted under family ownership until 1919, when L. R. Roberts Company purchased the assets. In 1926, the Remington Typewriter Company purchased the Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company and all assets.

Blickensderfer Rem-Blick
Blickensderfer 8
Blickensderfer 7
Blickensderfer Featherweight
Blickensderfer Blick Ninety
Blickensderfer 9
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