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Typing Review: Hermes 3000

This is by no means a complete review. As I said at the beginning, this blog is for me, so these comments are more my initial reactions to these typewriters than anything else. I hope they are useful for what they are worth.

Firstly, the paper doesn't catch immediately on the platen. That is likely because this platen is a little older, and nothing to do with the typewriter itself. My husband had to show me how to set up the margins, but once he showed me, it seems relatively simple. The keys are much easier to press right off the bat, and operate more quickly than the Cole Steel. The keys are at a good distance for faster typing, and you can regulate the difficulty with which you want to press the keys. I prefer the easiest typing difficulty since I have become used to computer keyboards and the light touch you need for them compared to manual typewriters.

The machine feels quite robust while typing, and provides the satisfying sounds, albeit loud. I didn't realize that the platen knob had to be pressed in a particular way so the line spacing would be proper (don't make that mistake). As such, I now am having to re-type my letter. I also noticed when I took the paper out that the whole letter was a bit crooked, but that's likely operator error, not the fault of the machine.

Overall assessment: Not as nice to type on as the Olympia DeLuxe, but nicer than the Cole Steel. Relatively easy to press keys and operate.


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