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Our First Outside Restoration Project

Our first experience cleaning and repairing someone else's typewriter has proven to be successful! The minty green machine is a Hermes 3000 from 1964. We presented the Swiss-made machine to its happy owner the next day. After seeing the work my husband had lovingly completed, I believed the owner would be quite satisfied (and she was!). The machine was cleaned to be used as the "workhorse" she was looking for.

Apparently our "first customer" isn't the only one who enjoys the Hermes 3000. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, many writers love this model, aptly named after the messenger to the ancient Greek gods, Hermes (Keller, 2006). And why not? The sleek curvy form and solid keys, combined with a classic retro color, certainly makes this typewriter appealing. And that is exactly how it was advertised by E. Paillard & Company ("Before you buy", 1972):

Being that the company was from a country known for it's time pieces and accuracy, Switzerland, how could you expect anything different? Paillard's was actually first well known for their music boxes, creating a way to listen to several different music pieces in the same box ("History of Hermes", 2015). Their ingenuity eventually brought them into the world of the typewriter, which brought us this beautiful machine!



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