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The Case of the Leather Case

When our new Hall arrived, after spending a good amount of time playing with the mechanism, our attention turned to the once beautiful leather case in which it came.

Not only does the burnt outside suggest a story to be told, but the imprint of Crouch & Fitzgerald, New York, suggested that a bit of research could be conducted to discover some of its secrets!

Crouch & Fitzgerald, established in 1839 (No author, 2010; We Connect, 2018; C&F Trunks, n.d.), was a popular leather case manufacturer, producing everything that is meant for carrying: travelling trunks (C&F Trunks, n.d.), specialized trunks for musical instruments and salesman samples, (trunkman, 2014), suitcases, traveling bags, portfolios (JUSTIA Trademarks, 2009), hand bags, and briefcases (New York Stories, n.d.). The founder had several patents to his name, which may have included the one printed on the latch of our case, pictured above.

Hall sold his first typewriter in 1881 out of a plant in New York (National Museum, n. d.), the same city where Crouch & Fitzgerald was located.  The company was still around in 1891, as witnessed in this advertisement below from Life magazine (Advertisements, 1891). (Notice that it is right next to an ad for a Hall typewriter!) Our Hall, which came in the leather Crouch & Fitzgerald box, was from the second Salem plant. By 1889, Hall was selling out of a Boston plant, which is also evidenced in this 1891 ad.

What are the chances of finding the typewriter and carrying case ads right next to each other even after the Hall Company moved to a different state? It seems possible that Crouch & Fitzgerald and Hall Typewriter Company had a relationship that went back earlier than 1891 if the leather case that came with our Salem Hall typewriter was original. That wouldn't be hard to believe considering at least one Hall Type-Writer Co. location was 853 Broadway, New York, NY, (Hall Type-Writer, 1883), and at least one Crouch & Fitzgerald location was right down the street at 556 Broadway, New York, NY. Unfortunately, it appears the Crouch & Fitzgerald store is now closed (New York Stories, n.d.). When did it close? How close was I to being able to have the typewriter carrying case re-furbished by the original company?

Looking at the trademark history, the most elaborate trademark, shown to the right (USPO, 1929), was established January 29, 1929. The company renewed its trademark in 2009, suggesting it was not expecting to close that year (JUSTIA Trademarks, 09/24/2009). In 2012, the trademark was handed over from Crouch & Fitzgerald by Su-Nae Ltd. to 1839 LLC, a company with the name of the year of establishment of the company (USPO, 2012). Both companies appear to have been in New York, NY. This trademark status is 800, registered and renewed. Interestingly, the last sale of the 400 Madison Ave property block in New York, built in 1929, was also in 2012.

I explored the other trademarks owned by 1839 LLC (JUSTIA, n.d.). This first, to the left (JUSTIA, 2009), provided no further detail. This was a newer trademark, first registered in 1947, and still in status 800, registered and renewed.

The next, to the right (JUSTIA, 3/19/2018), was a bit more interesting. First, it shows that the trademark was in status 606, abandoned - no statement of use filed. This is mostly interesting since the trademark had first been filed in 2014. An extension was filed in 2016, and was granted in July 2017. By March 19, 2018, no use statement had been filed, which indicated to the US Patent Office abandonment. This suggests that at least in 2016, someone was interested in using this trademark.

But alas, just when I thought I could solve the mystery of when the store closed, I found that a very similar trademark (the same?, see right, JUSTIA, 5/3/2018) was filed in January 2018, and the status is 681, publication/ issue review complete. This suggests that someone is still interested in using this trademark. Perhaps only the store closed?

Interestingly enough, it seems that there is a bankruptcy group named Fitzgerald and Crouch (2018), who have been in operation for over 25 years with New York and New Jersey locations. While this is likely completely unrelated, I wonder if bankruptcy is what happened.

In any case, the store was at least open through 2007, given a newspaper article mentioned the store in present tense (Agins, 2007). A book on shopping in New York (Gershman, 2008) indicated the store was sold and downsized, but still open in 2008. For now, I will leave this mystery unsolved, but will post if I ever find the date of final closure. All said, this is a beautiful case from a prominent leather case company for a unique typewriter.



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Ah. Crouch & Fitzgerald. They were, as I recall, on Lexington Avenue, in the upper 40s. I used to shop there; I bought business cases and things like wallets & card cases. Mrs. J has a whole lot of very nice handbags from there. I believe the gents then running things were not in the old family; nevertheless the place maintained a nice tone, and the things sold were commendably smart. I have a sense the firm closed because the rent skyrocketed and like problems. So, a part of what made Gotham interesting now gone forever. Even were the name revived, the new company would probably sell "merch" touted by "nfluencers".

Typewriter Gazette
Typewriter Gazette
Aug 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you elphberg for leaving your fond memories! Based on the quality of the case that we have here, I'm not surprised at all to hear that they sold good quality items. It does seem the firm finally closed, and yes, wouldn't be surprised either if it was due to high rent prices.

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