"To Save Time Is To Lengthen Life." E. Remington, James Densmore, Christopher Latham Sholes, Carlos Glidden, and George Washington Yost were all involved in the founding of the typewriter arm of the most famous typewriter company in the world, E. Remington & Sons. Originally an arms manufacturer that expanded business into the sewing machine world, Remington struck its first deal to produce 1,000 typewriters in 1873. The founders are familiar names to typewriter enthusiasts since all eventually put their own names on typewriters. Although Densmore and Yost typewriters were manufactured later, it was Sholes and Glidden who put their names on the first Remington model, which was the first commercially successful typewriter in the world, according to many sources. A few years later, another familiar name, Lucian S. Crandall, whose name adorns one of the most beautiful typewriters in the world, was involved in patenting a type bar that contained two letters, upper and lower case, which was pivotal to the second Remington model. Over the years, Remington went through several mergers and acquisitions, and eventually ended production over 100 years later in 1987.

Remington Rand Model 1
Remington Deluxe Model 5
Remington Portable Model 2
Remington Portable Model 3
Remington Noiseless Model 7
Remington Remette Standard
Remington Portable Model 5
Remington Rand 5 Streamline
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